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Boyne Village is built around how we should live our life. It is different from the ground up, from the courtyards and parkland spaces, the coffee shops and restaurants, the creche, the gym and the leisure facilities. It is a place to enjoy, a place to work, a place to really live.

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Reasons to chose Boyne Village - Neighbourhood Centre

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& Coffee shops

neighicons6 5.png

Sports / Activity Centre,

Gym & Leisure Facilities

neighicons6 2.png

Car Parking &

EV Charge Points

250 spaces

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neighicons6 6.png


neighicons6 1.png

Anchor Retail

25,000 ft2

Convenience Retail

10.000 ft2

Neighbourhood Centre - Residential

BV Neighbourhood 2 KR marketing purpose copy.jpg
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resiicons9 1.png

75 Acres of

Residential & Parkland

resiicons9 4.png

10 Acres of

Town Parkland

resiicons9 3.png

45 Minute Drive

from Dublin City Centre

resiicons9 2.png

5 Minute Drive

from Navan

Town Centre

resiicons9 5.png

Circa 1000 Homes

(Phase 1 - 300 


& Detached Homes)

Escape to Boyne Village and experience how it redefines the principle of everything ‘on your doorstep’.  It will give you back a quality of life because everything is within easy reach. So say goodbye to the commute and the hassle, and give yourself room to grow and space to achieve.

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